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Our Most Popular Wildlife Removal Services


Bat Removal

Bats, while playing a vital role in our ecosystem, especially in pest control and pollination, can become problematic when they inhabit human structures.

Bird Removal

Birds, admired for their beauty and songs, can become a concern when they nest or roost in undesired locations in Georgia.

Beaver Removal

Beavers, known for their remarkable engineering skills, can have a significant environmental and structural impact in Georgia.

Coyote Removal

Coyotes, increasingly common in both rural and urban areas of Georgia, pose unique challenges.

Opossum Removal

Opossums, often spotted in both urban and rural areas of Georgia, can become a concern when they encroach on human habitats.

Raccoon Removal

Raccoons are a common sight in both urban and rural areas of Georgia, known for their intelligence and adaptability.

Rat Removal

Rats are a common problem in Georgia, thriving in both urban and rural environments.

Squirrel Removal

Squirrels are a familiar sight in Georgia, known for their playful nature and agility.

Snake Removal

Snakes are a common and important part of Georgia’s wildlife. While they play a crucial role in the ecosystem

Mice Removal

Mice are prevalent in Georgia and can pose various problems when they infiltrate homes and businesses

We Are Equipped To Handle All Your
Wildlife Removal

Property owners need to rely on professional wildlife specialist to inspected rodent and wildlife entryways, trap, remove, and dispose of carcasses safely. We have the proper license, insurance, and know how to solve any nuisance in your home.

Wildlife Exclusion Services

Smart Solutions Wildlife Specialists take pride in the exclusion work they provide for our customers. We make sure the rodent and wildlife entryways are 100% covered and inaccessible to the animals that live around your home.


Wildlife Trapping & Removal

Our wildlife specialist have the proper tools needed to lure, trap, and removal any nuisance animals around your home. A in-depth inspection of your property allows us to successfully trap and removal any wildlife in the Greater Atlanta area.

Odor Control

Animals can die anywhere, even in the walls of your home. Diseases can spread during the decomposing stages, spreading to humans and pets. Rabies, fleas, worms, and more can be transferred to you and your family.

Are You Hearing Strange Noises In You Home?

If you believe that you may have a rodent or nuisance animal in your Atlanta, GA home, give Smart Solutions Wildlife Solutions and schedule your inspection for your home.


Our wildlife specialists will thoroughly inspect your property and will determine the best options for removing the wildlife that has invaded your home. Our wildlife technician will provide a detailed assessment for our wildlife preventive measures (exclusion) to prevent any animal from coming back into your home.

Wildlife Exclusion

​Your Smart Solutions Wildlife Specialists will set traps at the wildlife entry points to trap and remove the animal from your property. Once the animal(s) have been removed, your home exclusion service will be implement; stopping rodents and wildlife from coming re-entering your home.

We Can Solve Your Wildlife Problems!

Smart Solutions Owner

Are You Looking For Wildlife Trapper Near Me?

We are so excited that you found Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal! We are conveniently located in metro Atlanta; serving residential and commercial properties for all their wildlife trapping needs.

Wildlife Trapping & Services

Our wildlife services includes the trapping & removal of rodents, squirrels, bats, ground hogs, & common wildlife in metro Atlanta. We offer home exclusions and attic restorations that were destroyed by bats or other nuisance animals.

Smart Solutions Wildlife Service Company

Smart Solutions Wildlife Removal traps, removes, excludes, and provides solutions for all your needs when it comes to dealing with unwanted animals in your home. Our wildlife exclusion services includes controlling rodents, wildlife and any nuisance animals that have entered into your home; utilizing the highest rated tools in the wildlife industry. Given property owners the wildlife solutions you deserve.
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