Coyote Control and
Removal in Georgia

Understanding the Coyote Challenge

Coyotes, increasingly common in both rural and urban areas of Georgia, pose unique challenges. While they are a vital part of the ecosystem, their presence can lead to conflicts, particularly in residential areas. Key issues include:

Safety Concerns

Coyotes can pose a threat to pets and small livestock, raising safety concerns for homeowners.

Property Damage

They may damage property while searching for food, including gardens, garbage bins, and small structures.

Public Health

Although rare, coyotes can carry diseases like rabies, which is a concern for public health.

Smart Solutions Approach to Coyote Management

Smart Solutions employs a comprehensive approach to safely and humanely manage coyote populations:

Behavioral Assessment

Understanding coyote behavior and patterns in the affected area to develop an effective management plan.

Humane Trapping and Relocation

Utilizing expert techniques for safe capture and relocation of coyotes to more suitable natural habitats.

Habitat Modification

Advising on and implementing changes in the environment to make it less attractive to coyotes, thereby reducing their visits.

Community Education

Providing information to communities on coexisting safely with coyotes, including pet safety and waste management.


Frequently Asked Questions About Coyote Removal

In cases where coyotes pose a direct threat or cause significant disturbance, removal may be necessary. However, each situation is evaluated for the most appropriate action.
Keep a safe distance, secure pets and small children, and contact wildlife removal professionals if the coyote is aggressive or overly bold.
Secure garbage bins, remove food sources, and install fencing. Making the area less attractive to coyotes helps reduce their presence.
Yes, our methods prioritize the safety and well-being of the coyotes, focusing on humane trapping and relocation.
Yes, with proper handling and knowledge of local wildlife regulations, coyotes can be relocated to suitable habitats where they can thrive without causing conflicts.

Smart Solutions is committed to resolving human-coyote conflicts with responsible, humane approaches, ensuring the safety of communities while respecting the natural role of coyotes in Georgia's ecosystem.

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