Compassionate Wildlife Management
for Opossums in Georgia

Tackling Opossum Challenges

Opossums, often spotted in both urban and rural areas of Georgia, can become a concern when they encroach on human habitats. While these nocturnal creatures are generally harmless, their presence can lead to various issues, such as:

Property Damage

Opossums can damage gardens, rummage through garbage, and may enter homes through pet doors or open windows.

Health Concerns

They can carry diseases and parasites, including fleas, which can affect pets and humans.

Unwanted Encounters

Their tendency to play dead or display aggression when threatened can be unsettling for residents.

Smart Solutions Approach to Opossum Control

At Smart Solutions, we handle opossum-related problems with humane and effective strategies:

Thorough Inspection

Identifying signs of opossum activity and potential entry points to your property.

Safe Trapping and Relocation

Using humane traps to safely capture and relocate opossums to suitable natural habitats away from residential areas.

Prevention and Exclusion

Implementing measures like sealing entry points and advising on proper waste management to prevent future visits.

Education and Support

Providing information to homeowners on living harmoniously with local wildlife and understanding opossum behavior.


Frequently Asked Questions About Opossum Removal

While generally not aggressive, opossums can be a nuisance and may carry diseases. It’s best to manage their presence professionally.
We use humane trapping techniques that do not harm the opossums. After capture, they are safely relocated to a suitable natural environment.
Yes, they can damage gardens, dig through garbage, and sometimes enter homes, causing minor property damage.
Keep a safe distance and do not try to corner or capture it. Contact wildlife removal professionals for safe handling.
Opossums typically avoid confrontations but can defend themselves if threatened. They may also carry parasites that can affect pets.

Smart Solutions is dedicated to providing expert, humane wildlife management solutions, ensuring peaceful coexistence between Georgia residents and the local opossum population.

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